Thursday, September 4, 2008

Estranged Wear

Is it a shirt? Or is it a dress? No you are both confused it's Superman.
Do you have an estranged once loved one in your life? Do you feel lonely at nights and need someone to touch your skin in a non sexual way, without making you dirty. Then all you need is Estranged wear to smother your face in. So now you can sleep well, with your new replacement less chatty but less annoying new clothing best friend.
The end


ashleigh said...

very cute! did you make them? ahh to have the skill of sewing life would be so much more simple.

roxanne said...

cute. the hat is very key.

Karafina said...

now this is just damn wonderful!!

Elisabeth Moody said...

i smother my face in elmo.
thats right.
elmo, and super man, and hello kitty, and mr. gummy worm, and harry potter, and leia, and darthvader, and luke skywalker, and han solo, and twety, and a benie baby yet to be named.

i like my teddy bears
(or whatever species, they may happen to be.)

Red Eyes said...

I think I know what it is. Its neither a shirt nor dress. Its a shirt dress and I think this can make a thoughtful birthday gift. Are you really sisters?

Take care

Sarah Von said...

How cute are you guys?! I, do, in fact need a piece of clothing that fits this description. However, did you know?